May all our devices [nuclear bomb] explode as successfully as today’s, but always over test sites and never over cities.



A Cultural Perspective to Nuclear Proliferation

Sitting in my American Foreign Policy course, having exhausted our readings we jumped into current events, specifically Iranian-American relationships.  My question to a student was do you support nuclear proliferation? The following is a paraphrase of his answer: Considering they rule through a hereditary right and there is a theocratic government, we do not know what they are capable of. With Pakistan and India with nuclear weapons and Iran on its way, in no time will the rest of world will be on its way to acquire nuclear weapons and before you know it, they will be used.

The way I interpreted this is his unwillingness to see how it feels for nations to be a have not and being consistently dominated by America that have nuclear weapons. If anything, the Eastern countries could use the same argument and say, the West is aggressive and interventionist. We need all we can do to secure ourselves.  Is this really the way we want to go?  I was surprised by this student’s statement, because so far I felt he brought forward well thought out interpretations and arguments. I just could not make sense of how he does not see the animosity behind such reasoning to justify non-proliferation this way. In my opinion it was culturally insensitive comment to make. We are better than that now. Come on, already.

He’s basically saying, the legitimacy of Eastern leader is no good. The West has nuclear weapons and this is where we draw the line. I cannot deny the lack of accountability in the East of Leaders toward their people but in some way or another, his comment did hint at being comfortable with supremacy of West. That to me is disgusting. Hmm, there is something uncomfortable and wrong here.

Personally, I do not have this figured out. My heart says non-proliferation but I think my mind knows better and it says nuclear -proliferation is necessary to close the gap between the East and West. We will never have a free nuclear world anyways. If the rest of the world, especially if the East acquire nuclear weapons it would mean equality and would close the gap between the the West. Again, this is merely based on sentiments and I have yet to really grasp the complexity of both sides of the argument.

Calamities of My World

My world: A bombing at a church in Peshawar and then an earthquake in Baluchistan. When my heart can’t help but feel attached to the calamities of country that I have hardly lived in, an unconscious question that’s always at my mind once again confronts me. “Where are you? Why are you where you are?”  The only advancement I can make is by answering what could be my part in a geographical region that is far from the privileged geography that I have been granted by fate and Allah. What is my part in this? I seek.

My Basketball Failure

Usually, the court is where I feel like okay I know this, and its my territory, especially when on days I’m not making much progress in my readings or at least as much as I’d like to. Every shot that goes in and every shot I miss, there is a drive attached where I want to follow it up with the next shot. I can take a shot from the three pointer line, bottom of the key or simply keep taking foul shots. It gets me going or at least on most days then not.

Today was not just one of those day. Of the hundreds of shots I took, maybe ten went in- they just kept bouncing back and I call them “nearly” got them in while some were just pathetic with couple of air balls. Okay, so today was just not the day for it. Cool. Fine, I get it.  Knowing I was not ready to get back into reading mode, I just watched the big boys play. It was a good show but  I couldn’t help wonder what the hell …why do they have to be so big and muscular?  After playing on this court for last two years and this being the third one, I’m still getting used to this.

To make myself feel better, I watched Obama take the shot that “nearly” went in. Hey, if Obama can have a fail date with basketball, then what the hay, its okay if I do too. I still love ball, and I know I’m going to be their tomorrow night anyway! Watch the video to exactly 1:00 till 1:07. Totally worth it!

My Piece From the Globalist Outlook Am I Crazy?

This was originally written not for publishing in any way. I did not plan writing this either but I remember one afternoon I felt this explosion of sentiment coming over me. I felt like I had no way out of it until I wrote it down. I  sat down in the middle of my university cafeteria and wrote this as the evening began.  The social world of students around me still makes me question whether my obsession and my integrity toward my education is crazy. In any case this piece shows how my education builds my bridge between East and West – the dichotomy that paves my travel.

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.

– Grace Murray Hopper

Thanks the Word War for “Keep Calm and Carry On”

I’ve always wondered what is up with the phrase “Keep Calm And Carry On.” It is everywhere and there are millions of versions of this. It is something you just cannot escape unless of course you live under a rock, which you do not because you are reading this! The video tells you how old this phrase is and how it never saw the light of day until 50 years after it was coined. Check it out and its produced so beautifully, almost really cute. 

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Despite always feeling I am not naturally smart and lack any real academic talent, I have always felt it would be my struggles put forward by education that would keep me loving life. It seems to prove itself as I move forward into my fourth year of undergraduate program of International Relations. Essentially, it is my excitment that subdues my fears and overwhelmingness; face the problems presented by my persistance to learn. Ultimately, if I ever fulfill my greatness, it would be only and only due to my enthusiam, not any inherited gift or any other external sources. Although, I could never totally exclude destiny and fate, as a believer of Allah. Nevertheless, excitment essentially allows me to stay up another night, do early mornings or put in another couple of hours even after a whole day at study. Learning is truly a privilege that I shall never hope to take for granted.

Stars of Justice in the Night Sky

Only in the darkness can you see the stars. -Martin Luther King, Jr

Justice is the breathe and blood that keeps humanity sustained. Justice is ALIVE. Justice is what activates my mind, constantly rewiring and reprogramming my body. Justice empowers my soul with courage to be persistent against all odds and adversity. Justice seeks equality that allows us to entertain all cultures while keeping our values as part of one mankind intact.  Justice has no boundaries, fulfilling hearts of every kind with peace and contentment. Justice is a bridge between humility and dignity that is crucial for removal of dominant power.  Justice begins by attaining authority which demands a test of character and a strong demeanour. But most importantly, justice asks to imagine the limitless power I, as an individual carry into this world. Justice brings ourselves to confront the possibilities we, as human kind inherit by nature, making our survival a reality.  Give a moment to let your hearts be wrenched with empathy which shall connect us all as if we are one, hence making justice natural towards each other.  You fools justice can never merely come by receiving a legal status, instead it reckons to call forth a shift in our perspective between what is right and wrong. Justice is a personal and public ethical affair where we, as one human race are both plaintiff and defendant.  Justice then fought in litigation advances the whole of mankind. Justice is no less extraordinary then the glowing stars of the night that keeps illuminating my path with hope in dark times as I look up, every time absolute and certain of its existence.

Admittedly justice is a chance at fulfilling the optimum potential of our current existing and evolving society. Justice may not take away the marginalized background and life an individual is born into, though it provides opportunities to break a perpetuated cycle that otherwise could not be seized. While it is the world geography that assigns our circumstance at an individual level, it is within the same sphere justice yield potential. For those who want to laugh at this notion, go ahead and whine about the shortfalls of institutionalized justice, in times when around the world resentment turning into protest against the system is an ordinary thing. But hear me out first. I do not intend to turn a blind to the antagonism that have people pooling together on streets. I see the death toll rising in Egypt and it hurts. Seeing the young fall down in Syria, I am grossed and ashamed of my own human skin. But I am not going to let this undo my spirits, where if anything these brutal realities keep justice alive, even stronger and more determined. Why?  Firstly, I must make the note that the hard reality is true. Mankind is witnessing uproar and human crisis where there is an utter absence of justice. A system hardly exists, deliberation and representation is all hoax. Even the internal makeup of US faces this challenge between its multiple levels of governance.  Nonetheless one must realize optimum of justice does not mean reaching perfection. Flaws and backlogs must be expected and recognized that it is not justice that is at fault. It is merely our ability to interpret and execute a system that aligns with values adjourning justice.

Irrelevant it may appear but lets take up my feelings toward US in the context of justice at a personal level.  Even since I have understood anything about anything, it is the constant cringe I feel toward US foreign policy. It is like a bitter taste that I just cannot wash out no matter how much I try to flush it of my system.  Then I tell myself it is a realist world and I must deal with these facts. I have to let go of my sentiments. I remind myself I must work within the system until I can have a chance at having my own say matter. I must earn my spot. Naturally, justice then has allowed me to let go of animosity and be open to the powerful as a teacher rather than a foe. It’s a slow process in effect, I admit. Nevertheless, I am too young to hate. I must focus on the learning process as I define what justice means to me and its defining dynamics in the way I perceive my world.  I am going to let America be my teacher and take it from their!

In justice, I see the possibilities in the midst of a system that feels grim and chained from outside for common citizens. In justice, I see the person I must become:  a diligent and persistent personality to face my circumstances. Justice makes surviving real. It makes me want to put the blame game to the side, and stop the list of what I do not have to what I can avail. For instance, what do the Syrians or Egyptians have? You do not see the sun not setting in Syria. The stars come out every night, don’t they?  In other words, as long as a struggle sees the night after every sunset and sunrise after every night sky, Syrians shall find an end to their litigation between rebels and Assad regime and Egypt will rebuild its democracy. In justice, equality and empathy sees eye to eye with each other. Regardless of what your identity is equipped with:  an affluent or poor background;  white, black or brown; women or man; Latino, Hatian, Indian, Pakistani, Arab, American, Canadian or French we all really stand at similar bridges at some point. We all have gone through independence, finding our paths of democracy and seeking some of industrialist economy. No one is higher than another, each nation is endowed by time of gifts and disasters. The only thing that sets us apart more than anything is time as it grants different nations different realities at different times.  And see naturally one starts shifting perspective toward the world from a despising to a tolerant lens. It’s a slow process in effect, I admit. Nevertheless, I am too young to hate and I shall not let American Foreign policies to have the luxury to be hated by me. I must focus on the learning process as I define what justice means to me and defining the dynamic in the society I live in. I’m going to let America be my teacher and take it from their!

What about the international government  and its statuaries, legal treaties, and constitutions that the world is engaged with around the clock? What do they mean for justice?   Some have given a great foundation to advance mankind, others have devastated human relations and some are plainly ignored. But you know what all of them have in common—it is a product of some kind of litigation where sides can deliberate in some systematic order, thus providing us with a chance at maintaining our humanity. For those of you who turn the other eye when it comes to the United Nation, and is plainly pessimistic about it, you are observing it as something that just happens to be around, only because you have not lived in an era with its absence. Okay sure the UN has problems with its Security Council (SC) but who says everything is set in stone. It can evolve over time: where maybe tomorrow SC could open up to include other rising powers or maybe there wouldn’t be any SC. Perhaps there is another institution similar to the UN, allowing new emerging nations to exercise powers like Post-World War powers do in SC currently. I know all these possibilities sound too good to be true.  Still I cannot help but wonder if there will be a time when UN will become an effective tool to exercise while dealing with a crisis, just the way justice seems to get it right as it develops precedent after precedent. Justice then is not some fancy and perfect thing sitting on somebody’s table; it is slowly shedding light on our behaviour as it paves a path out of dark times. Indeed, justice is no big bang theory. It needs us to be the trigger and requires us to push it forward constantly. As much as justice gives us guidance it needs as much guidance to fulfill the changing times of today.  The world government is on track, working and making its fixes as new heroes are attached and the old learn some new tricks.

On last note, the key to justice is internalizing justice. As I mentioned earlier, when we put over selves in others shoes despite how unfitting they maybe for us, our hearts have the ability to melt into each other.  Just yesterday my sister admitted to me “I felt sad that they deal with such inhumane conditions merely because they are born in a different family and in a different place then I, it’s not fair ” after watching the Kite Runner. I continued listening while not being able to help but smile as she adds “I get how you feel.”  This is coming from an individual of business background who always thought I overreacted to political events, and not necessarily identifies with the unfitting shoes always. This is where justice begins and not in a pretentious statuary granting equality.  Justice stands at a hallmark when it begins to change us instead of gleaning down at us from a showcase as evidence of equality.  Finding justice first begins within you.  I prescribe you to look for your stars of justice.