Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Despite always feeling I am not naturally smart and lack any real academic talent, I have always felt it would be my struggles put forward by education that would keep me loving life. It seems to prove itself as I move forward into my fourth year of undergraduate program of International Relations. Essentially, it is my excitment that subdues my fears and overwhelmingness; face the problems presented by my persistance to learn. Ultimately, if I ever fulfill my greatness, it would be only and only due to my enthusiam, not any inherited gift or any other external sources. Although, I could never totally exclude destiny and fate, as a believer of Allah. Nevertheless, excitment essentially allows me to stay up another night, do early mornings or put in another couple of hours even after a whole day at study. Learning is truly a privilege that I shall never hope to take for granted.


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