My Basketball Failure

Usually, the court is where I feel like okay I know this, and its my territory, especially when on days I’m not making much progress in my readings or at least as much as I’d like to. Every shot that goes in and every shot I miss, there is a drive attached where I want to follow it up with the next shot. I can take a shot from the three pointer line, bottom of the key or simply keep taking foul shots. It gets me going or at least on most days then not.

Today was not just one of those day. Of the hundreds of shots I took, maybe ten went in- they just kept bouncing back and I call them “nearly” got them in while some were just pathetic with couple of air balls. Okay, so today was just not the day for it. Cool. Fine, I get it.  Knowing I was not ready to get back into reading mode, I just watched the big boys play. It was a good show but  I couldn’t help wonder what the hell …why do they have to be so big and muscular?  After playing on this court for last two years and this being the third one, I’m still getting used to this.

To make myself feel better, I watched Obama take the shot that “nearly” went in. Hey, if Obama can have a fail date with basketball, then what the hay, its okay if I do too. I still love ball, and I know I’m going to be their tomorrow night anyway! Watch the video to exactly 1:00 till 1:07. Totally worth it!


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