Geography: The Way the World is Cut up Matters!

Geography, it’s a world thing – Terry Portch

The last encounter I consciously encountered with geography was in grade nine, which was one of those must be courses before graduation from high school. I still remember Alfred’s Wegener’s theory of Pangaea, and coming across this in one my LSAT reading comprehension passage-yups I was smiling. But no this is not why I bring up geography. I required more to  appreciate geography apparently.

It wasn’t until an afternoon last week after striking a conversation with one curly haired cheery  lad from one of my classes I became convinced that all along as I dived into nationalism, the east and west, and topic of justice I was ultimately exploring geography, just in different context.  I said well the way I see the world, you’ve got South Asia, China, Middle East, the European West and North America. In response, the lad smiles and states “Yeh, thats geography.” I’m thinking to myself …what the…duuuh, right. I was so occupied by looking at the world through other lens, that I totally looked over the obvious factor in all of this.

If it was not for geography, I am not sure we would have something such as Huntington’s clash of civilization to be thought as credible as perceived today. At least differences between civilization would not so pervasively shape the most important topics of our world.

If anything the way the world is cut up runs the world where some are cursed with resources such as oil, diamonds and precious minerals. And I cannot deny how relevant geography is considering Pakistan is a product of partition of India where its foreign policy and defense continues to be effected by this fate of the past while Canada before and since its peaceful independence from Britain balances its southern neighbor and superpower of the world, United States in all ways necessary to make governance work domestically and internationally.

How did I not know see the raw impact of geography before? Yes I’m loving how I am ignorant to so much that requires learning and demands further reflection. I have to say thanks to Geography on this note, as it helped me write an application recently just in time!


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