I Want Something Else

Before falling asleep, I had been thinking and thinking about how I shall be leading in life. Where in the World must I place myself? I found a signal as my sleep was interrupted at 2:15 am  courtesy to my window that will pick any volume of noise from passing pedestrians. Nope, it was not a crowd of drunks which is common and expected considering I live a street off of my university campus. I had no choice but to turn on my light and look out the window as the song sung sounded kind of pretty. That was it;I felt I had to check it out.

But hey they didn’t even wait on this thought as I heard a ring on the door. I open my front door and on my porch I could see through my glass door two people standing. A guy and a girl singing together I want something else. This shall make my whole coming week. The message I found within this spontaneous act of two strangers “I’m proud of you for moving forward strongly, keep at it.” I am so not going back to sleep and getting back to the work I’m behind for today. And yes its almost 3 am in the morning of Saturday. Do do do… “I’m packed and I’m holding I’m smiling”

P.S. As I figure out how to make the 1:50 long video compatible to the Word Press requirement, an appropriate visual shall do! Where would you be, if you could walk away from where you once stood? Enjoy the song as you contemplate further on this question.

I want something else.

I want something else.


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