I Dream: The Difference Between Ignatieff and My Destiny

When Michael Ignatieff resigned as leader of Canada’s Liberals at a press conference in Toronto on May 3rd, members of his team were seen at the back of the room in tears….[It was] the sad end of a six-year experiment that they had once believed would conclude with a unique man, Ignatieff himself, pulling the sword of political governance out of the stone of political theory and coming to power in Canada as a contemporary philosopher-king. -Jordan Michael Smith, World Affairs July/August 2011

I was just contemplating on who Ignatieff was as I recalled his visit to campus last year. The bigger question I had in mind was his background. Was his family involved in politics that led him into ultimately finding a place as a leader in Liberals party of Canada or was he self-made? Interestingly he’s a Russian descent, whose father was a diplomat and his grandfather was a Russian Minister of Education during World War One. All his family tree has relations in diplomacy.

I can’t help but think damn what a luck guy, he had it in his blood.  Nobody in my family ever been a politician or  come close to any political forums other then maybe voting. And that disappointingly can’t even count. This means I need to take the self-made route and this is my official admission to destiny.

Currently Ignatieff teaches at UFT during fall term and at Harvard’s Kennedy School in winter term.

Yups, who said I can’t dream.



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