Diary #1: Middle East Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (MENWFZ)

I have two days to become an expert on MENWFZ  for a presentation this coming Friday. I figured the best way to get myself going is do a academic diary as I delve into my research.  Going in, I know basics but point is to get to the bottom of debate regarding the follow questions:

  • Why and when do states choose to proliferate or abstain from proliferation?
  • What are the causal domestic and international dynamics at work?
  • What potential linkages are possible between civilian and military nuclear program?
  • What are precise interplays of individual decisions and institutional forces that result in certain proliferation or non-proliferation outcomes?

For case study, I can look into Libya and Iran.

At the end of the day what does the growth of nuclear weapons mean for our world? Regardless of various theories about this adding stability between powers, I say this is DANGEROUS AND DANGEROUS. I didn’t live it but the world experienced the cold war with only two big powers. The end result was paranoia to the death. Today with a multipolar world, nuclear weapons is screaming for a nuclear war.

Even if NWFZ is not feasible, I think the efforts make a huge difference. Similarly NPT itself may not be as popular among the Nuclear Powers, but it plays a great role on how the world sees nuclear weapons. It adds debate and question to the use of nuclear weapons. This must not be undermined.

And to the research.


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