Climate Negotiation Diary #1:

“As long as there is hope of one percent, we should not give up and must instead make 100 percent of effort,” he told the Chinese delegation. -Premier Wen

As I prepare for a climate negotiation simulation as a delegate of China, I came across a great attitude by the Chinese delegate while the Copenhagen conference was increasingly becoming a failure. Nevertheless, like Wen, you keep pushing your efforts even against the odds.  They are always going to be present and make your doubt, where our job to dissuade those voices to keep moving forward not only for yourself but for international community. We owe it to the world.However, in Professor Dimtrov words,” when negotiations failed, priority switched from saving the world to saving face.” That is a fact. But Professor maintains faith and I cannot agree more where industrial revolution took a century in Europe alone, in the path of an energy revolution today “Copenhagen was just one event in a rather long-term process and one failed conference is less important than the overall trajectory of policy developments-which is an upward curve…a green economy is irreversible.” I guess the first simulation role-play will suggest for me at personal hand where good faith can lead to while balancing pragmatic economic decision making. Perhaps or at least I hope and I believe high economy growth does not have to mean a compromise to climate when technology exists to ease these transitions -something that developing countries in transition have a benefit which European path of industry did not have. This only requires Anex I and Non-Annex I countries to work together. As China I look forward to greater deliberation and more than face saving with real action and real conversation for a better future.

Personally, I am amazed at the fact climate negotiation really boils down to talks about economy and energy. The way it can impacts general politics such as the relationship between US and Middle East is one of the most mind bottling realizations. There is question of sovereignty involved and great tensions between developing and developing countries are present as they are on other important political topics such as security. I’ll end these random thoughts with the hope I follow this post with a more detailed analysis on what I understand about climate negotiation.

To give you a picture of the politics involved.

To give you a picture of the politics involved.


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