American Foreign Policy: The Truth of the Vulcans

I feel like a detective writing my essay. I could not believed with a few books and some googling I was uncovering truth that the Bush administration had done best to hide and built a strong cover around it. There are rumors about this but for most cases they are usually that. It was finding evidence that was the most exciting part. Everything was clicking. Thus, sometimes while I was reading I could not believe how Powell really had no chance to make an authentic case of Iraq’s connection with WMD. Powell did his best by rejecting the presentation material from Rumsfeld. Powell hoped by checking every material that went into the speech with George Tenet, the CIA director the speech was proofed well. Today, Colin considers the UN speech a blot. The media has portrayed at times the liar and a conman. But really behind all this is another game at play. Its Bush’s dream of becoming a heroic commander in chief and his desire to outshine his father. Cheney needed to finish the business that Bush Sr. had been hesitant to pursue limiting the Gulf War  by kicking Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait but not fully going through regime change in Iraq. Rumsfeld was in charge of the military plans and busied himself with how to split the oil among world contractors. All of this is a just a little bit of what makes up my essay.

If you want to know more about this, check out Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets, and Bob Woodword’s Plan of Attack. They are both credible resources and have made a great contribution to my essay. And as I uncover truth, I ask you to question what do you find most disturbing? You must take the initiative to find the truth, its never going to crawl to you by itself. Stop blaming your busy life.


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