Sometimes when you live in one country but share a culture from another country, you become a NOMAD. Things are heavy and tough when you try to really figure out your authentic self.

I miss Pakistan. I don’t even know what its like to be in Pakistan. But you know what, for some reason you can’t separate a person from where they truly belong. You will naturally feel something is missing. Being Canadian, I can pretty much relate to all Pakistani youth feeling the pitfalls of being in between. You might as well not be sure of what your gender is or being confused about whether your gay, or bisexual. Its a similar point of disorientation, anxiety, confusion and general disillusionment. Living between two worlds, I need myself to breathe Pakistani air. I ask Allah and pray and pray that soon I get to be in Pakistan.

Currently in Canada, wishing to visit Pakistan as soon as I finish my final semester at University.


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