From My First post to Today

My first post ever cited Rilke’s quote. It mentioned that if you want change you have got to look inside you. Today, I quote the Quran to encourage myself to pursue new life and revive my own existence. My struggle is like yours. Today, I look to Allah to give me the ability to internalize change.

I have three links that I would like to share that could be helpful for anybody seeking discipline and respect for time. Lets fight ourselves together. These are the works on Ghazali, an Islamic Persian philosopher. He transformed and revived the way we interpret islam and how we can apply it in our daily lives.

Documentary on the life of Ghazali: I found this two years ago. I have done absolutely very little to advance my knowledge of his teaching, always getting caught up with what we call life and being busy since then. Don’t let this be your reason. Today, once again seeking an understanding of what and who I am I look into his works. I try again.

The following are two of his short books- only 60 page long and very easy to read.
Disciplining the Self:

Revival of Religious and Science:
Fear and Hope:


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