From Rilke’s Letters to I

Nobody can advise you and help you, nobody. There is only one way. Go into yourself. -Rilke

Change requires consistent action taken by yourself.  I can observe the world all I want, by seeking lessons from books, perspectives from more experienced ones, opinions from my friends and be impressed by great personalities of the time but it COULD all mean absolutely NOTHING. Unless I put it in the context of my action to change –  a process requiring my mind, heart and soul to internalize reality. I used to think education was the best way to mould your potential, but there is something else beside this. Not as a substitute but complementary for those who are privileged with education, and for those who are not, this ability makes individuals compete with those who have great education.  Rilke says to look into yourself and find your voice. He is also asking you to tune off all external buzz, so that your ear can listen to what is almost always drowned out by our circumstances. 

Your ear cuts through your feelings of  helplessness and smallness, almost like tuning through the radio to find the right channel, where the difference is that it’s not somebody else’s but your own voice; so clear that its impossible to ignore.  The voice is essentially made of facts regarding the external world and what it means to me, where the facts become my own as it points out my values, beliefs and most importantly who I want to be. The personalizing of facts, demands action but this is impossible without going into myself. Education makes this process easier with the “right individual” but education for some reason can fail at times. The internalizing process of personalizing of facts brings forth guidance,  while education only exhibits the disillusioned world. Education can show you what you’re up against, but like Rilke says nobody can help you but yourself – what you make of what you’re up against clearly comes from a voice inside. It really is the only way forward.

Feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of wrongdoings from injustice, unfairness, inequality, and corruption  that is crumbling my society and my nation around me, it is not my education, but the tuning of my inside voice that will arm me with the strength to move forward towards change. This is not something anyone can teach me, it is I who must continue to work on tuning the inside voice. This is not to undermine the blessing of education, for it has endowed me with more than I can ever imagine, it is merely that this summer, 2013 I have found  the inside voice to be powerful. It tells me what I most desperately need to know, where living without listening to this voice is really living a dead life.

I must everyday seek clarity to take action that is informed by my perception and internal process to everything outside. This is where I will find change in the world, or at least that is where I must begin. I can only help the world if I can help myself become the person I must be; the being my inside voice calls forth. Otherwise I am a dead person and dead people do not bring changes to the living. The dead can only cause  the living to crumble further and I cannot forgive myself for this atrocity. To start living where I want to be the life of my nation, I pick myself up to take action according to my inner being. My outside being must match my inside being where the stake is the world I live in, my society and my nation.  And so with Rilke’s enlightened words, I make my way into this adventure.

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